Legoland Windsor - Miniland Treasure Hunts

We've recently got ourselves some Merlin Passes for the year and so have found ourselves at a few Theme Parks during these holidays. Legoland in particular as it's just 10 minutes down the road. When we were there the other day, we were thinking how amazing all of the "little" extra bits there are apart from just the rides, which you tend to have to wait for ages in long lines. There's Miniland, the playgrounds and pirate and puppet shows are some of our absolute favourites.


So while checking out the new USA section of Miniland I was thinking how brilliant all the tiny details are which the builders there make sure to include. And that made me think how amazing it would be to create a little treasure hunt page which we could take back with us for the kids to enjoy. So I got to creating one and my girls enjoyed it so much, I thought I would share it with you here and also work on creating some for the other areas of Miniland too. 

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Let me know if you take these along with you and if your kiddies enjoy them. x


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