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Photo Challenge Week 5 - Black and White Landscape

So week 5 of the photo challenge called for me to find and photograph an interesting landscape but in black and white. I tried capturing a few different options, but wasn't really happy with the lack of interest and contrast I was getting. So after reading a recent article about the different ways to use the camera shutter speed in various situtions, I thought it was the perfect opportunituy for me to try and capture a landscape I had always pictured in my mind, but never quite mastered......CASCADING WATER!

I knew exactly which water I wanted to capture, but Mother Nature had other plans for me as the weather recently has been so terrible I have not managed to get out and about much. Until today that is. The sun was shining and the rain stayed away just long enough for me to get down to Virginia Water and snap some shots of the mini falls.

A little bit of TLC and post editing later and I am more than happy with this shot..... What do you think?

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