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Scholastic Memories

So last year September one of my little ducklings embarked on a brand new journey, one that I am sure every parent awaits with mixed feelings. She started school.

Along with starting school, comes all the usual school related milestones, such as the first time she got to do a "show and tell", the first time her drawing was selected to be shown to the headmistress and of course the obligatory first official school photo. The morning of which the hair was done with that little bit more finesse, the socks were pulled up nice and straight and the shoes were extra extra shiny. She was reminded who knows how many times on the way to school to make she smiled nicely for the photographer.

Now I am not sure how many other parents get these photos and think, just like I did, that I wished there had been a little more to it. There in the photo was simply, a front-on, head and shoulders shot of my beautiful little girl against a stark white background. I just felt that it lacked some character and personality. I remember having school photos as a child and having a little bench or stool to sit on, and maybe a little wooden fence to rest on. On one occasion I recall even having a backdrop of rolling hills!!! I am not saying that I think school photo's should be full on productions, I fully understand the time and space restraints involved, however I do just feel that there could be a little more to them. This is what prompted me to look into adding school photos to my repertoire.

I have to admit, I have not got so far as booking any specific schools as yet, but I did manage to use my lovely daughter as a model for some shots recently. Maybe any parents out there reading this could let me know if they would prefer shots like this or if they do indeed prefer the simplicity of the front-on, head and shoulders shot with a white backgrounds.


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