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Moments in time

Taking photo's is something that I have to admit, I took for granted for so many years. Growing up, I saw the camera as a nuisance as I never felt comfortable being in front of it. It was only when I picked one that I began to realise its amazing potential to capture such beautiful, sweet and special moments in time. It was then ,that I truly fell in love with Photography.

These moments that we capture are memories forever etched in peoples minds I'm sure, but they can be so difficult to explain in words to others. This is when photo's tell our story for us.

This particular picture is of my most recent photo shoot for a lovely family here in Berkshire. The photo shoot was a gift from a daughter to her mother and its aim was to capture the family all together before one of the brothers immigrated half way across the world to Australia. It was an almost bitter-sweet shoot, as you could feel the love between all the family members and yet there was a tinge of sadness to them too, as they knew that days like this where they could all be together in one place may be rare in the future.

It was none other than these beautiful little girl's Daddy that managed to get this amazing reaction from all these ladies. I confess I do not know exactly what type of dance he was doing behind me to get them to laugh like this, but when it results in these smiles, who cares!

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