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We give them wings so they can fly!

As a Mum myself, my heart pulled rank when I got a call late on Saturday evening asking if there was any chance I could do a photoshoot for a lady who's daughter had been here visiting for a couple of weeks, but was leaving again the following night. There was no way I could say no!

Jay had originally booked another photographer to take some family photos before her daughter Stephanie had to fly back to Australia, but she was unfortunately unable to do the shoot at the last minute. When I heard about it, I could only imagine how Jay was feeling about possibly missing out on capturing some special family moments, let alone knowing that her "baby girl" would be heading off again to the other side of the world the next night. So I agreed to meet up with Jay, Al, Stephanie and Harry in the beautiful grounds of South Hill Park and over the next hour we managed to capture some really special family moments. These moments definitely didn't come without some obstacles, Stinging Nestles and tripping hazards to name just a couple, but overall the shoot was a great success and I hope these images bring a smile to Jay's face in these few days when she is really missing her Stephanie.

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