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Chasing the Golden Hour

I am sure that anyone that has booked a photographer before and planned for the session to be outdoors would have heard the term "The Golden Hour". This is what we photographers believe to be the best and most flattering time of day with regards to natural light. It is the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset, when the sun is just low enough in the sky to avoid any pesky shadows on faces and when the sky is filled with dazzling golden hues that lights up faces beautifully.

Here in the UK where we practice daylight saving, we find that the sun comes up around 7am but won't go down until 10-10:30pm most nights. Although this means that we get to enjoy the amazing long evenings, it also means that for family photographers like myself, we often struggle to book sessions in for that gorgeous golden hour unless the family is made up older children. This means that Spring and Autumn are the perfect times to have your family sessions and the good news is that you can choose an early morning session or a late afternoon session depending on when your family is at its best. Because let's be honest, some of us are just not morning people. It doesn't matter how much we try ;-)

From breathtaking sun-flares to gorgeous back lit silhouette shots, they are all possible in this ever sought after GOLDEN HOUR and I like to think its Mother Nature way of kissing the world good morning and good night each day. So if you would like to chat to me about booking in a Spring Time Family Session and nabbing a morning or evening Golden Hour slot, then please just drop me a message and I would love to talk to you more about it.

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