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Is Newborn Lifestyle photography right for you?

The main reason why I think Newborn Lifestyle sessions are so great it because they provide a pure and beautiful look into REAL family life with a baby. The memories that are captured are not posed, or forced, but rather true moments between family members during a truly special time. This time might be filled with sleepless nights and endless worry, but it is still one of the most important times for you as a family and so I believe it should be captured so that it can be looked back at fondly for years and years to come.

The session is not about capturing a pristine, magazine ready home, it is ALL about your connection as a family. By conducting the session at home, you and your baby can be more relaxed and comfortable and this in turn leads to more natural and relaxed photographs of you all. So often babies pick up on the fact that something is different when a photographer is around to photograph the and so they might not go to sleep or settle as easily as other times, and with a lifestyle session this is absolutely fine. We do not need your baby to be in a deep sleep so that they can be posed etc, in fact if your baby is unsettled or crying and you have to cuddle and comfort them, all the better for 100% natural cuddly photos.

As much as I think posed baby photographs in various props and costumes are beautiful, I also believe that there is so much to be said for a purely natural photograph of you snuggling into your gorgeous new baby in your home on your bed or sofa. In years from now when you show that photograph to your child and show them a beautiful moment between you that was captured, but you also have the chance to show them what their home looked like when they were a new baby. Maybe you have moved house since then, or you have redecorated and changed things, these photographs will bring back the memories for you and help to build new ones for your children.

These particular sessions also allow me the chance to capture small special details for you. Things such as the nursery, the crib, cuddly toys, special books, blankets and even special items of clothing can all be photographed and included in your gallery for you. Let's also not forget the typical new baby moments such as the nappy change, the milk drunk expression on a baby's face or if we are really lucky, a wee-wee fountain or dribble of milk trickling down a doting parents back as they merrily burp their little bundle.

If you are expecting a bundle of joy to come into this world and disrupt your sleep patterns any time soon, and would like some more information on my newborn lifestyle sessions, please do get in touch. I would love to chat to you more about how wonderful and relaxed these sessions are.

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