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Fall at the Beach

Up here in the North East of the United States one thing is for certain and that is that there is well and truly 4 distinct seasons!

The Winter is bitterly cold with lots of snow, the spring is just beautiful with blossoms and warmer weather. Then the Summer is amazingly warm and then when the fall comes it brings with it the most incredible color changes in the leaves as they fall and of course the cooler 'sweater weather'.

When we scheduled this family shoot back in July our goal was for it to be a summer sunset beach session and due to various scheduling conflicts and weather issues it unfortunately got pushed further and further into the calendar. So when I arrived at the beach on Sunday and met them I was beyond excited because it was wind free and really warm considering its the end of October.

So this shoot just goes to prove that nothing is impossible!! Even a family shoot at the beach, mid morning in the middle of fall!


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